Digital marketing relies on being able to fully exploit your data. Analysing your data is time consuming and take you away from more important tasks. We offer a full bespoke analytics service. From setting up a web analytics solution to user segmentation.  more…


Website optimization uses AB testing and Multivariate testing. Using these tests can allow you to create landing pages that convert users.  Website optimization can drastically change your homepage design and allow you to optimize your squeeze page. We offer online website optimisation services, from planning the optmization test, implementing the website design to reporting and interpreting the website optimizaion results. more…


Reporting your website analytics is key to leveraging Business Intelligence within your organization. Reporting requires joining data sources and evaluating there use. Automating and joining website analytics, financial reporting, and sales information. This will allow your organization the ability to exploit opportunities before your competitors. more…


We can assist you in the building and ongoing maintenance of dashboards. These can be Excel dashboards to advanced online dashboards. We can consult on the data to use for your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) through to the best way to visualise your data to data to ensure effective decision making. more…


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Steven Behan Digital Analyst Website optimization Switzerland Basel and Zurich

Hello, I’m Steven Behan a digital analyst based in Switzerland. I have been a digital analyst since 2001. In that time I have worked with all major web analytics tools including Google analytics, Webtrends, Omniture and Comscore. I currently work in Basel, Switzerland providing analytics and optimisation support for small and medium sized companies throughout Switzerland. The main analytics tool that I currently use is Google Analytics and I will be posting regular updates on how you can analyse your data and optimise your website.

Previously I have worked as web analyst and BI manager in media and newspaers, this involved measuring and reporting on ad funded sites as optimising customer subscription and retention; alongside this i also provided reporting for management as well presenting the findings back, using wither PowerPoint or Keynote to visualise the data. I have strong foundation in Microsoft Excel and I have worked at analysing many different datasets. Before becoming an analysis I did a Masters in Operational Research at Lancaster University. This has given me a strong foundation mathematical and practical problem solving. This unique experience allows me to provide an impartial analytics view to your websites data.